going crazy! only pin2 working on arduino

hello folks,

i completely don’t understand what’s going on. i’m very new to arduino and bought a nano the other day. somehow, only pin2 seems to work!
the setup is probaly irrelevant: i have a drum-machine with trigger-ins (pins for each drum) that need 5V. each of the drum-machines pin (ergo drum-sounds) works when i connect pin2 from the arduino – how ever no other pin on the ardunino seems to output anything.

edit: probably useful to connect the pins. me stupid. problem solved.

code is super simply for now:

void setup() {
  int i = 2;


void loop() {
  for (int i = 2; i <= 13; i++) {
  digitalWrite(i, HIGH);   
  digitalWrite(i, LOW);   


note: pin13 (led on the arduino) does flash up.

any help would be incredible.