Going from serial to ethernet

I now have arduino communicating by USB with pc serial 9600.
I now will move the arduino to more than 40m from the pc so I will move to Ethernet ( also because I have Ethernet ports available at the arduino new site)

So my arduino now serial.print a sting with information from several sensors .
That sting is then readed by my pc app and some loging and then based on some rules the pc app may send a char back to arduino that is shortcut to a function:
If serial=g then print serial time and digitalpin high..

Now how can I open like telnet session with arduino where all my serial prints can now be like telnetprint ?
Is this possible ? Interaction ?

Check - http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1278686415 -

It's not QUITE what you were asking for... but I could see the stuff at my Arduserver being adapted to what I'm guessing you are doing.

Will the PC end always be human controlled? If so, what I said above is doubly true.


... you will find, if you dig... not too well organized yet!... examples both for W5100 (+ Uno.. .but any Ardu would do) and for an older Ethernet chip. Older is cheaper, but support fading, and it isn't that much cheaper.