going to battle with the arduino

anybody ever feel like you're at war with your arduino when you're trying a new project, with code you've never used? i feel like i'm being defeated when i write code and it doesn't work, and when i finally get it to work, i feel like someone should be writing an epic poem about me.

and the rivers flooded with the tears of the defeated arduino, and all the children laughed and sang, for all was right in the world, once more.

Winning a battle, I often think of it as finally solving a puzzle…

But if someone would… write a poem about my battle, they should certainly include a part about other “warriors” as well. I don’t how many battles I would… have lost without having learned from the battles they fought before 8)

and the scribes made records of all of the warriors, for they were all responsible for the liberation of the people from the dark cloud of compile errors.

No. The battle is with yourself.
YOU made the errors, not the Arduino.
The Arduino merely blows you a raspberry every time you make a mistake.