Good Arduino Maintenance tips

I am very new to arduino and seem to be facing hardware problems almost every day I bring a board out. I spend more time trouble shooting the uploading errors than I do working on my projects. I don't know if this is normal but I wanted to start a thread for how to properly operate an arduino and make it last as long as possible because I feel like I am definitely doing something wrong.

(This may already exist but I could not find it if it does. If so I apologize!)


Write down 'all' the sequence of events that lead to a problem. If it can be repeated, ask for help in solving the problem.

I never have problems like you are having so it must be you or bad hardware.


bencooper: I spend more time trouble shooting the uploading errors

What are the uploading errors?

I only get errors when I forget to plug in the USB cable or choose the wrong board or port.


Hi bencooper.

I hope you feel better after getting that off of your chest.

If you want help in finding what might be wrong, see the previous answers, but also tell more about your setup. In order for us to be of any help to you, we need more details.

We need to know what hardware you have (your post suggests you have multiple boards). What boards do you have, are they original boards or clones ? If they aren't original, what USB to serial converter is on board, or what converter do you use ? Did you install the correct drivers ?

What OS do you run ? What Arduino IDE "the Arduino program" do you use, and how did you install it ?

You see, these are the 1st. things that come to mind, there'll probably more questions like these along the line before we can come to a solution.

Ben Cooper: Have you noticed that you get lots of “don’t do this” or "
“aren’t you glad that you got this off your chest?”


In this case the "DON'T DO'S" could save a user damaging his board.

As for the other comment I am unsure I have seen it much apart from this post.

There are also a LOT of different "upload" issues for which the detail is crucial.

Which is also why I tag so many posts with the following links.

Could you also take a few moments to Learn How To Use The Forum. It will help you get the best out of the forum in the future. Other general help and troubleshooting advice can be found here.


"I hope you feel better after getting that off of your chest."

This seems to be the general attitude of many users here. Criticise, belittle, and do not provide useful answer because the question is not totally formatted correctly.

So you come over here biassed like that, and think you need your 1st. post to comment on a post (of mine) about 3 years ago ? Are you looking for trouble, because that will not last for very long.

Just to let you know, that was a serious remark of compassion from my side (after their rant; there is nothing useful in that post) and in no way belittling or condescending. You just see what you are looking for. There are also some tips in that post, meant to be helpful and to help that user see what can be done to improve their questions, and so the results it will yield.

That user seems to have never returned to this topic, and stopped posting a day after this post, 8 days after their 1st., and 7 weeks after signing up. So i don't expect them to be around any more. That's a shame, because in another topic they are helped very well. And in this one they could have too, if there would have been some more details as mentioned.

So, was there some helpful answer of yours to this topic ? Or are you here for some other reason ?

Don't be afraid to ask your Arduino related questions, you won't be troubled by any answer of mine.