Good Buck Converter driver IC for Arduino

Hi guys, Im looking for a driver IC for a buck Converter topology. I want to reduce 20-21V to 7.4V in order to charge a 2S battery 910mAh.

Can you recommend me a good driver IC to use with Arduino? The frequency of the Arduino's PWM will be 31.5 Khz.

Thanks in advance!

What is Your experience of building chargers? So far I fear it will be a battery destructor.

Its my first time. I will control the current with Arduino via INA219, and also I will set a maximum limit current via hardware also to not damage the battery.

This project is not for a newbie, use a commercial charger.

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Why? Its my final degree project. Im just looking for a recommendation for a driver IC guys :blush:

Commercial chargers are a dime a dozen and have been engineered to be safely operated to prevent fires etc.


Look into the LT3650.

Your charger also needs to consider balance between the cells , constant current then constant voltage phases , then knowing when to stop charging .
Measuring battery temperature and also separate protection for under and over voltage .

Not too easy , study the battery chemistry and how to charge and maintain the batteries first !!

I have a TMP36 in my system, also a heater (if needed), and also I have studied UVP and OVP :blush: But Im available to hear recommendations!

Also, my battery is a LiPo 7.4V 2S

I think the recommendations are buy a charger as it’s not a simple project as you need to enact the items I mentioned

For example

And …

Making recommendations that can lead to destruction are never a good idea. has a chat for finding the correct IC for an application.

For a Li-ion charger, you want a sort of constant-current, constant-voltage supply (plus temperature measurement, timers, and maybe balancing circuitry. Although perhaps some of that is in other parts of your battery system.)

I think most Buck Converter chips are designed for one or the other (CV for most of them, CC for LED drivers.) Or, there are dedicated battery-charging ICs. (heh - Deja Vu - for my Senior design project I had planned on using an R/2R ladder and a comparator to implement an ADC, and my advisor advised "just buy an ADC chip.")

You might want to do a bit of searching for the base circuit for those cheap "lab" power supplies that have show up relatively recently, like
They seem to feature microcontroller control, and have had some favorable reviews.

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