Good exercise projects to develop skills for a quad copter.

Hello everyone.

My true goal is to one day build a quad copter with some level of autopilot and to do as much as I can myself.

However that day is not quite today as I am new to arduino.

I have done some basic php/sql projects such as building a very basic content managment system and have built myself a xoxbox synthesizer so am not a complete programming/electronics virgin but the problem is I find programming boring because the end result is not physical which makes it difficult to summon enthusiasm to learn ... However the arduino is just what I've been looking for which ties electronics and programming together to make a much more exciting hobby and I am so looking forward to getting stuck in.

I would like some wiser guys on here to help me break down some of the elements needed in building a quadcopter control system and perhaps even suggestions of projects that could get me started toward learning these elements but at a more basic level.

I have got myself a starter kit and have been working through some blinking led sequences and servos turning and its great... It feels more up my street than just programming software alone. But after completing the basic stuff I want to work on some projects that will ideally develop skills that will prove useful for the quad copter.

I guess my first step is building a ground based autonomous robot with wheels? I also wanted to build a time lapse controller for my camera. I know there are many things out there but I wan't to make sure my projects are exercising skills that will be useful for the quad copter which is why I'm asking you guys!

Thanks for any input you can offer!

I guess my first step is building a ground based autonomous robot with wheels?

You might build a line following robot and/or a sumo robot and enter it in a local competition. Who knows, you might like it more than the quadcopter. :slight_smile: