Good IC to switch between two voltage sources

I’m interfacing with an old game console that has two voltage sources on it’s controller bus. One is 5v and one is variable between 4v5 and 6v.

The game console reads the player x and y position by charging two capacitors through two potentiometers. The time it takes to charge the capacitors determines the x and y position of the controller. There are two controllers available:

Joystick - uses the variable 4v5-6v voltage source attached to the potentiometers.
Trackball - uses the 5v constant voltage source attached to the potentiometers.

I’m creating a microcontroller-based universal controller that should handle both modes. I need an IC switch that can switch the two voltage sources to one output. It should be break-before-make, and handle a reasonable amount of current for this application, but I don’t know how much that is.

Is there a good go-to IC for this task? Ideally I would be able to control it with 3v3 without a level shifter.

Use a relay.

3.3V signal going to a transistor. . .

Aromat ??

I am not exactly sure what you are trying to do but I use one of several methods. The simplest is to use a diodes, it will automatically supply the higher voltage. If you need to switch it use a P-Channel MOSFET. There are some logic level UIS rated devices available and are not extremely expensive.

relay (not seasoning)

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