Good Intermediate Books


I am a first year Informatics student in South Africa. We do quite a bit of coding in my course but no electronics what so ever. I have mostly been teaching myself electronics through things like MIT OCW etc. These are really useful but I am looking for something more Arduino based, I want to understand more about the board itself, and how everything works (software included, I am still first year :wink: ). I've Googled some and checked out the ones recommended in the Playground but I'm still unsure, when ever I read the reviews or table of contents they don't seem to target exactly what I am looking for, or the reviews are just people complaining about picture quality and nothing helpful!

So far I have ordered Physical Computing by Tom Igoe and Dan O'Sullivane.
Any ideas? Even advanced books are welcome too.

Thanks guys!

Thought I'd just post what I am getting here in case any one else is interested in the same thing.

Arduino Internals is what I am going to get along with Physical Computing . Arduino Internals only comes out at the end of the month, but for the description it looks like it is aimed at exactly what I am looking for! :slight_smile:

Hi Greg,

My list of books is not sorted into levels (Although beginners are noted):

Send me a PM or email; I may have something for you...

What hands-on Arduino and Electronics stuff do you have? Can you suggest books to your school's library?

Thanks for the reply Terry!

I have one Duemilanove, an Uno, a few breadboards, mutli meter, soldering tools, couple of sensors motors and a lot of small components such as resistors, opto-triacs, buttons H- bridges, LEDs etc.

Thanks for that list! Really helpful to those new to the Arduino world!

I doubt whether I could suggest books to the uni (Some of these academics are a bit bureaucratic!), but what I am trying to do is get a couple of the Com Sci, Mechatronic, EE and Informatics students together to start a Algorithm Circle/ Think Tank group together where we can help each other out and share the costs of some bigger Arduino projects. I think some of the books in your list will give us a great start because so far none of us are overwhelmingly experienced, we have just done simple projects like line followers, and I have built a few things for my camera and currently working on a mock seg-way. So nothing too extreme. Yet ;).