Good job

just wanted to say that this is the most friendly forum I have ever seen on the internet. Thanks for beeing like you all are!

Thank you for your kind words.


Thanks for the kind words also.

I agree with the friendliness on the forum. Unfortunately there are some that think we are less than helpful because we ask them to give more information or suggest they actually do some work themselves.


Others do not take it well that we try and correct their misconceptions, but it is all in the name of education and the sprit of being helpful.

We are all volunteers but some people sometimes see us a customer support and get cross when we don't act like it.

Anyway, very glad you like the vibe here.

We're not all friendly. Grrrrr.

I find myself being more mean to the 3D printer people because I'm jealous.

We’re not all friendly. Grrrrr.

You’re one of the friendliest!

Posts have disappeared ...

I thought there was a different repy #7 earlier? I think when "they" take the site offline, recent posts go missing, & there was another (shorter) offline event this morning.

No reflection on your question. You are certainly one of the friendlier folks here.