Good looking Ardunino? Designino?


I hereby start an survey about how you store your Ardunino?

Do you just keep it on your bench?

Have your pinned down the board on plywood/plastic/?

Do you keep it in a special box?

What does the box looks like,scrap or designed for your project?

Have you manufacured your own Arduino" Looks like a small computer tower model too me?"

Or have you done your own “Mac-brushed metal,glas,white platic-kind of guy” (superdesign Arduinocase…I would realy like to see that one…)

Description on how you made it, pictures,drawings ,comments or “I like to see that manufactured”-suggestions?

The race is on, show us your Arduino!!!

Heh. I’ve noticed that an arduino fits nicely inside the “standard Altoids tin.” Does that count?

I am currently using the arduino in place on a robot, but as I make new bots I am planning on relocating it into a permanant housing with a ZIF socket to let me program chips for bare-bones type boards (BoArduino, BBB, something like that). I hadn’t thought about the altoids tin, I’ll have to see how that works!

An Altoid box works fine…but I was asking for how you modified your box. Is the power supply within the box? Have you modified the box (Arduino Mod…)

I myself are keeping “the beast”(haha)… within a plastic vanity box from Muji…I bought two extra lids and one of them is used as mounting area for the arduino and powersupply(you could add a small breadboard in there too…). The whole box is actually turned upside down…
Its looks great with som LED connected to it. Looks like a small computer…

or…the milkish plastic also making it function as a mood lamp if you want (I just keep a bright blue LED lit in there…)

pretty nice…If you ask me…Im thinking of adding a aluminiumplate on the top to make it look even greater next to a new Mac…

Ill try to post a picture…

Here is one early picture of “The Thing” Note! I have not added the battery and cut out the USB port in this picture. And there is some Scotch Tape on the side (I was thinking of drilling holes in the sides,but decided not to in the end…But you can see it at least…It looks great in the dark…)

Here is the Muji link:

and the picture:

i keep it in the anti static bag that i got with it when i’m not using it, or when i am going to leave it for a long period of time ( 6hrs )

Update on the survey:

So far we got:

One Altoid tin box(Steampunk design)
ZIF-sockets (Contemporary?)
A plastic case for cotton balls :)(Readymade design)
…and a anti static bag(minimalistic style)

What no STEALTH designs?(Military style,with nonradar detected analog pins) No flyfishing boxes?(Outdoor style…,Yes with a Swiss army knife included) Plexiglas?(industrial-style) Ceramics? Pottery?(Ethnic style) A SPAM container might work? (pop-art style)

"The Arduino…It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. "

I want/like to see some fancy stuff,weird or blingbling…Artists,designers and Hobbits be creative! I really want to see the ultimate Arduino shell/box/housing…

Not just new fancy PCB s (although I like those just as much(functional style))

The problem with an enclosure is that it limits your access to the pins. I’m using the mounting holes to mount it to the deck of my bot with standoffs (2-56 x 3/16 lg.).
If it ever becomes a dedicated “programmer” (programming ATMega168s for Boarduinos or Bare Bones Boards) then I may try the altoids tin. With stick-on rubber feet, of course. Until then it needs to be in the open, for trying out new sensors, etc.

…and someone really ought to point out that the Lilypad Arduino is pretty good-looking all on it’s own, no enclosure needed.
I kind of like the look of the Diecimila and NG boards in the open, too. My Diecimila has a dark blue soldermask, so along with the green soldermask of the ultrasonic sensor and the red soldermask of the motor control board, mounted on my bot’s shiny tin deck, well, all I need are some decorative color-shifting LEDs I guess:)

Point taken, You need easy access to the pins…Yes you do…
I just got the “Making things talk” book and that gave me som nice ideas about casing (Household boxes ,pencilcases and others…)

Right now Im thinking of ordering some Brabantia household canisters(with see-through plastic on the front) and turning them inte small Arduino “reactors” with LED lighting inside.

I’m boring. :slight_smile:
I just stuck rubber feet on it and it lies next to my keyboard.

I also keep my tea there as well.
Turns out the Arduino is mostly waterproof. ;D

Found this on my trawls through flickr…

Looks pretty cool - and great project too…

AAAAaaaaugh! I would never cast an Arduino in resin.

Maybe a BBB or Boarduino. But now that I look at it, it looks like an earlier version Arduino. Is that an NG?