Good motor controller for cordless drill motors?

Hi there, working on a project that I'm going to run a pair (maybe 4 later) of cordless drill motors (currently out of 2 dewalt drills I got used from the hardware store "broken" when 1 trigger was gone and the other the handle was cracked, for the model)

Was considering this controller cause I'm not gonna be running them too hard and according to the info on the drills they output ~300 watts. So some math and later we find that its a little more than 20 amps running through it. That's above the spec for continuous running for the controller, but they're only gonna be running at a pretty low torque, And I was gonna rig up a couple of heat-sinks to keep it safer.

Now would that be feasible, or should I go for a controller with a bit more powa? Any recommendations on a cheaper controller too?

Edit. Oh yeah, for the powersources for the motors, I was just gonna hook up a regular cordless drill battery for the power (or perhaps 2 in parallel for each motor so they don't need to be changed as often).

That's not a bad controller, but what you should first do is -directly- measure the current consumption of the motor, using a power supply that can supply at least 30 amps at the voltage needed, and some form of homebrew pony brake (do this with the motor removed from the gearbox). You'll probably also have to homebrew a current measurement shunt resistor and measure the voltage drop across that to determine current using ohm's law (simply because most regular multimeters only measure up to 20 amps of current, and if it goes beyond that, poof goes your meter).

Another h-bridge with a reasonable cost.