Good ol' 504 again

Anyone seeing this as well? Seems the forum is acting up for me once again.

Yup, I just got it. The forum is moving sllooowwwwllyy for me today…

Yes, today it’s been really awfu

The upgrade message is missing from the banner, today, too. I’m getting errors about the site having been spoofed. I think has been hacked.

Things seem to have sped up for me. Maybe they just took the banner down because it’s been long enough?

I have had no issues here :slight_smile: The banner has obviously been up long enough. Maybe that change slowed it down…


Seems much better this morning.

site/forum is 504 and 404’ing heavily again.


Perhaps the site performance is God’s way of telling you to give up Arduinos for Lent.

It looks like they have been doing allot of updates to the site today. I figure we’ve been lucky to get on at all.

give up Arduinos for Lent.

No way man!


Or spend less time online, more time tinkering :wink:

Sounds good :slight_smile: