Good PC Controller for RGB LED's?

i've been wanting to set up some RGB LED's internal my case that also will synchronize with ones around my table. i've usually idea the concept of syncing LEDs round my desk (inside the pc case, under/at the back of my desk, behind my display, in my mouse, in my mousepad, and so forth) could look pretty rattling neat.

sadly it is pretty hard to locate an low-cost computer-primarily based controller to make that show up. Razer's HDK looks as if a good bet however it's very expensive ($eighty+) so i'm looking for some reasonably-priced, easy, perhaps DIY-ish alternatives. alas i have had exquisite trouble in locating LED controller hardware that will speak along with your computer that both does not lock you into a corporation's environment (NZXT/Cooler master/Asus) or isn't costly (Razer).

I think Razer's ecosystem is open to a point so theoretically I could get a number of their tools (mouse, mousepad) to sync with the right computer-controlled answer.

Any guidelines? thank you earlier for your help.