Good starting point for a transposable midi keyboard

Hi all -

I’ve prevoiusly looked into making my own particular arduino project, but I currently have no experience and figure i started too big. So what I want to do is now prioritise parts of what i want to do and take it step by step and learn along the way, and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of good proven projects and places to start.

Essentially I’m looking to create a midi foot pedal that has 4 notes of the major scale (1st, 4th, 5th and 6th) with a transpose option (ideally with an led so you can see the current key). I’m hoping to be able to use this as basic backing notes as a play guitar along to it, almost like a backing auto harp.

I realise this might be quite complicated so I was wondering what was perhaps a good midi keyboard project to start with that had a transpose function built in with a mind to be flexible as i develop it. The only ones I can find are audio, not midi.

Thanks so much!

The spoon-o-phone project in this book is exactly that. You can use push buttons in place of the spoon. Key transposing is simply a matter of adding a fixed number to all the notes, the project does that as well.