Good weather station project?

Anyone know of a good weather station project?
I've seen one with a colour screen which was good but it doesn't do exactly what I want.

Must include:

  • Colour screen.
  • Temp, humidity and air pressure.
  • 2 sensors for indoors and outdoors.
    And a record function with time that does hourly samples or what ever onto sd card so I can copy into excel or make a graph.

Not essential but it would be good if it can:

  • Connect to the internet and get local weather to view and record.
  • It would be good to connect to the weather station remotely with a phone through the internet.
  • And have a uv sensor aswell if possible.

Something like this project:
Thankyou so much!!

Start with that one, and modify it until it does do what you want.

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I know right, I'd love to but I don't know coding, I wish I could code even the basic stuff.
I can barely adjust the effects on the ws2812 leds which is basic haha
I'll have to find a coding for dummies manual haha

Go through some of the examples in the IDE to help with your learning , there are tutorials on here and the internet . Simon Monk has a good get started book.
Start with the simple stuff !

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