Google ADK 2012 clone?

I'm looking toward doing some experiments with the Android ADK, and I've already seen the Arduino Mega ADK Kit on the store,
but I'm more a developer than a maker, so I was also looking for something "plug-and-play".

Is there any kind of pre-assembled kit like the Google ADK 2012 kit?

I do not disregard the idea of building stuff myself, but as a starting point it would be great to have something allowing me to just start programming.

If programming is your strength (and only wish) .. take a look at the Pi

The arduino is the most fun for those close to electronics as well.

I think I've not been clear enough, sorry.

Google ADK 2012 kit is a pre-assembled ADK testbed. That is, a device with various sensors, displays, leds, NFC, etc etc already connected, plus and Arduino Mega with all the logic needed to control all that stuff.

So, an android dev can simply power it on, and start doing stuff, i.e. write android apps able to interact with the Google ADK 2012 sensors etc. No need to solder components, wire stuff on a breadboard, or writing code for the arduino board. It's the strength of that kit to being ready to use.

I would not mind paying some extra money for a meal-ready-to-eat version of the ADK kit, because I would be able to do the stuff that matter the most to me. (incidentally, it's the reason Arduino have been originally created, that is to be able to start doing interesting stuff skipping the "create the basic electronic boilerplate for the n-th time").

Going raspberry changes nothing, since as far as I know there are no pre-assembled ADK kits (I don't even know if there is any ADK projects at all).

Anyway, I found the original schematics
and will see if there's something interesting, as soon as I have the time.