Google ADK version of Mouser 782-A000069

I'm starting an accessory development project and want to make sure I'm purchasing the right thing. The example source code I have is based upon the Google ADK 2011 reference design. There is a 2012 reference design as well (Android Peripherals and Accessories  |  Android Open Source Project). I've noticed the schematics for the Google reference ADK 2011 and the Mouser part number 782-A000069 are different, and the latter is listed as "Rev 3". Can anybody tell me the differences between these two designs? I could carefully go through the schematics but I'm afraid I might miss something important. Thx.

The old ADK was based on the Arduino Mega. The new one is/ or will be based on the Arduino Due.

One major specification:

The main hardware features of the ADK are as follows:

An ARM 32-bit Cortex M3 micro-processor

OK, thanks for that insight. By "old" I presume you mean the 2011 version and "new" the 2012 version. I purchased the iTead ADK, we'll see about compatibility with the existing SW. The schematics from their iMall site were illegible, but I was able to make it readable and it is the same as the Google reference design in major components and pinouts.

I think... they sold the "old" version into the beginning of 2012. It is still available:

The mouser part and the Itead part look to be both based on the 2560 chip also used in the Mega.

I don't know where to get the ADK based on the Due yet. Unless purchasing information was in your link.