Google Assistant and Led Strips

Hi, I am a newbie working on my first project. I drew out this circuit diagram but am not sure about the connection for the AC supply.
Pls share your thoughts

20200225_174945-min.pdf (836 KB)

Please share your drawing.

Had problems uploading the drawing
Here it is.

20200225_174945-min.pdf (836 KB)

Could be please explain, what is supposed to happen with that circuit? There is so many
details that cannot work, it would be better if you explain it as you think it should work.

First of all, do you know how regulators work? What is in and what is out? LED symbol is different, you are using light bulb.


The AMS1117 is to utilise the 5v pin, cus i read sometimes 3.3v pin is not delivering sufficient voltage to the ESP8266 module. The ESP8266 module receives signal frm the google asst which activates the relay turning on the led strip. the arduino board and the led strip are connected to a transformer to utilise AC current.

But I am curious about the 10k resistor that you have connected to regulator pin marked Vin+3.3V? And that should be marked Vout instead of Vin.

I actually referred to this link which showed me to connect the 10k resistor, and Vin 3.3v actually means I'm inputing 3.3v to the resistor.

Try again, you have wrong connection. Look at the links picture.

And that is not "inputing 3.3v to the resistor". Funny tho...


Oh I see.
Is this correct now?

20200225_215737-converted_compressed.pdf (68 KB)

That part is ok. I am not going to open anymore pdf's...