Google Assistant responds with variable information

I've found tons of examples how to turn stuff on and off with Google Assistant, but I'm trying to accomplish something a little different.

I want to be able to say "Hey Google, what is the tank status?" and it respond with "The tank temperature is 79.6-degrees and the water level is at 99.2%"

I've seen the examples of "turn this on" and "turn that on", but nothing more than that.

Has anyone come across an example of what I'm trying to accomplish?

No one has done this???

Wow. I find that difficult to grasp.

There aren't that many people here that answer questions - it fluctuates of course but I think it's around fifty to sixty.

So in that population, I'm not really surprised that no-one's used GA - perhaps they're Alexa fans instead :wink:

The only reason I'm using Google Assistant is that I got one of the Home Mini's for free from where I worked. (Verizon was giving them away as part of a promo.)

Maybe try a GA forum to find out how to do it without an Arduino and worry about how to get the tank data in there later.

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