Google Books?

Hi there,
has anyone here a good Step by Step solution of downloading books from Google Books?
No, i dont actually want to do something illegal - its just that i got the order of my boss to get hima digital copy of his book and as all scanning/photographing ways of getting it into a OCR seems somewhat failures i looked it up in google books…
Now that quality would be great for OCRing it - so has anyone an idea how to do that?

To do OCR you need an image. You do not get an image from a downloaded book you get the text which is what you want in the first place. I can’t see your problem.

Google Books is picture only?

It looks to be like Google Books access methods are limited by the license associated with a particular book. For books out-of-copyright, you can download PDF files and/or access OCR’ed text. For other books, only the special reader. For still others, only selected previews via the special reader…

well… so far so good. i managed to ‘grab’ a few pages through my browser’s cache… as those are already 70 to 80% of what i need it was quite useful. Now i only need to scan a few more pages… or wait for a new IP to get the missing pages… hmmmmm