GoPro camera - triggered by a motion sensor

I'm currently working on building my own surveillance camera that is motion triggered (Arduino One). I have a GoPro camera, which I need to power supply with an external battery. Anyone that knows if it is possible to buy the "plug" on the original GoPro-battery anywhere, to be able to connect another battery??

Cheers Martin

Welcome in Arduino land,

I do not know the go pro or its plug. Do you have a link to a datasheet to share?

Hi, thanks!

I've looked for a data sheet but I've not found one unfortunately. However, on the link below you can see how the plug on the battery looks like. I've been looking for such a plug everywhere but I cannot find one :-(


never seen one,
if you have an old battery (or a new one :slight_smile: you may ‘transform’ it and connect it to an other/normal battery.

Hi apocalyps Did you finish your project? found some “dummy batterie” schematics here: I’m also looking for motion sensor solutions for gopro.
Sry for my bad English.

I'm working on it right now. I've bought a doppler-radar that work really good. I will post my codes and schematics later as soon as I'm finished.

Cheers Martin