Got a bunch of surplus- any takers before I ebay it off?

I got really lucky and bought the bench inventory of a small tech company in Maryland, still not exactly sure what their business was, but clearly they aren't in it anymore. They did microcontroller (and maybe GPS?) with video, or something of the sort.

What's most likely to be of interest here are :

(2) Telegesis ETRXUSB USB-to-Zigbee Dongles $20+ shipping ea

(40) Decade Engineering BOB-3 Video source / overlay / OSD board with genlock. ..$15+ shipping ea
(10) Decade Engineering BOB-2 Video source / overlay / OSD board with genlock. ..$12+ shipping ea

These are neat little NTSC/PAL video jobbies, serial/SPI, use your imagination. They can automatically lock on to a video signal then overlay text and graphics. Not unlike the TV-Out setup internally, I bet- just feed them 5v and serial data. They are all of various revisions, all NOS bench stock.

Outside of Arduino interest directly, but not without interest..

(45) Z-World Jackrabbit BL1800 Rabbitcore Single board computers ... $25+ shipping ea

• 29.5 MHz clock
• 24 CMOS-compatible I/O
• 3 analog channels: 1 A/D input, 2 PWM D/A outputs
• 4 high-power outputs (factory-configured as 3 sinking and 1 sourcing)
• 4 serial ports (2 RS-232 or 1 RS-232 with RTS/CTS, 1 RS-485, and 1 CMOScompatible)
• 6 timers (five 8-bit timers and one 10-bit timer)
• 128K SRAM, 256K flash EPROM
• Real-time clock
• Watchdog supervisor
• Voltage regulator
• Backup battery

I figure I would give you guys and gals a whack at this stuff, I can't guarantee any of it, but the jackrabbits are in what looks to be their original OEM stat bags and the OSD modules were bulk packed in stat bag, so I would assume no issues. Two random samples of these devices worked fine (I am keeping a few to mess with myself). I'll give a ten-day money back (you pay the shipping) non-DOA.

Going to flip some of this and get some gear that I really need- the latest round of Arduino boards, a DSO, a good tool cabinet and rack for the shop, plus of course more to roll back into buying oddball tech items that fall through the cracks. Sell the toys you don't want to buy the ones you do... I am happy to say I feed the Nerd Monster from time to time without actually making the children starve....

Hey man! I'm not up to that stuff but it's great to see you back around!
I wondered about your health ups and downs and the gas leak project.