Got my boards today!

Got these from Pad2Pad. Used the smallest font size the software would allow without throwing an error on most of the components, (0.007 for line width, 0.056 for size) and it all came out very readable!

Tonight I'll get to soldering one of these puppies together, and hopefully, it all works!

What are they for?

Linky... :slight_smile:


They're for more advanced versions of this:

One works roughly the same, but has a rotary switch to select two different display modes, and a volume knob, and the possibility of a servo to make the antennas move, and the other has four 20 segment led displays like a vu meter that move up and down with straight antennas with leds on the end that will pulsate, and a mode switch to change from bar to dot mode. That one also has a volume control, and plays a kind of drone rather than simple beeps.