Got SD card working, but stable setup?

Hi all

After a few hours of messing around with voltage dividers and logic level convertors, I’ve finally got my Duemilanove working with a plain SD card (not a shield or anything) using the following setup. Does anyone see a problem in terms of long term damage? It’s not a setup I’ve seen used in guides/tutorials, so my instict tells me that it’s not a great solution!

Arduino  ---------------- SD card

MOSI(11) ---> 1k res ---> Data in
MISO(12) <--------------- Data out
CLK(13)  ---> 1k res ---> Clock in
CS(10)   ---> 1k res ---> CS

3.3V     ---------------> VCC
GND      ---------------> GND

This method is producing stable results. If anyone spots any issues with the setup above, please let me know!

Thanks for your time


Its great that it works, but I’m a bit skeptical of whether its good for the SD card. It seems like it would be giving an overvoltage to to CS MOSI and SCLK lines when they are high. As far as I know SD cards don’t like it very much when they see over 3.5V, so if you can measure it at the SD card and its below that, then great! But my instinct tells me it would be higher…