Got this pcb, not sure how to use it... ATMEGA 8

Hi All,

This may be a long shot. I have this board I got from a bit of electronics. I'm fairly new to all this but thought I would try and play around with this.

The board is a series of LED's that are attached to an ATMEGA8 plus a heap of other bits etc (I think it's used for industrial weighing).

There is 4 pins input to the board. I know the pins are +24v, GND, RS232 RX, and TTL RX. The two RX after going through some components go to the RX on the ATMEGA.

So my questions:

  1. How would I go about finding out what kind of input is required in the two pins?
  2. Am I way out of my depth in trying to work this out? or;
  3. This is impossible without further details!



Photos would be useful.

In 800 by 600 or so form.