Got working Haceduino on Linux

Hi board!

I got my Haceduino yesterday from eBay. There were several
posts about some issues with several Arduino boards.

According to ‘/playground/Hacking/FTDIAutoReset’

I’ve modified my own version of the perl script for the Haceduino.

apt-get install avrdude gcc-avr gdb-avr avr-libc binutils-avr  libdevice-serialport-perl  

cd arduino-0017/hardware/tools
mv avrdude avrdude_bin

cat << EOD >avrdude
use Device::SerialPort;

$avrdude = '/usr/bin/avrdude';
for $arg (@ARGV) {
        if ($arg =~ m!/dev/\S*!) {
                $serial_port = §_DISCOURSE_HOISTED_CODE_0_§;

die "serial port not found." unless defined($serial_port);
$port = Device::SerialPort->new("$serial_port") || die "$@:$!";


sleep 0.1;

unshift @ARGV, $avrdude;



chmod +x avrdude

After this mod Haceduino works just fine. :slight_smile: