GP-20U7 GPS Module / Receiver

Hello fellow Arduinian's! I am new to prototyping as well as the Arduino, obviously. I purchased an Arduino MKR1000, a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and a BMP180 barometric pressure sensor as well as a bread board and some jumper wires to get me started. After learning how to use the bread board and following a few tutorials as well as putting my programming knowledge to work, I am not sending temperature, humidity, and pressure data to my web server on a 2 minute interval without issues. Now I want to add GPS and potentially cellular connectivity.

Does anyone know if I can use the GP-20U7 GPS module / receiver with an MKR1000? If so, is it as easy as providing power and ground like I do to my current sensors and then connecting the white wire to the TX pin (14) on the MKR1000? Finally, what is the RX pin (13) used for when it comes to this chip and do I need it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


It looks like that chip outputs standard NMEA0183 sentences over 9600 baud serial (, so I'd say yes. Use in combination with e.g. the tinyGPS++ interpretation library to extract the info.

If you don't want to use those serial lines on your MKR1000 but want to use other digital pins, there is a secret serial chip integrated which gives you up to four additional serial ports:

I use that in this project, which works fine:



Yes! You can use the 2OU7 with the board you mentioned, if it is a 3v3 board? Or you can handle the voltage level shifting.

2OU7 great little device, until now badly served by "getting started" material. That lack now, I hope, filled...