GP2 Pit Light System - Arduino to Arduino via Bluetooth.

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time posting, so please be kind.

I’ve looked everywhere for a guide or some info about this, but I can only find snippets and no concise answer - that might be me sucking at Googling but anyway.

I have an internship at a racing team and I’ve been asked to create a somewhat simple light system for the team’s pit crew in GP2 - the racing series just below Formula 1.

On the picture you can see the basic idea. Four Arduinos, one master and three slaves connected via bluetooth. When the button on the respective jack is pressed, the light need to go off on the gantry (the black bar swinging out) and the lollipop (the long sign on a stick) - but only the light signaling the front or the rear.

What I wanted to ask, is if you have any advice or can point me in the right direction of somewhere, where I can find info to link four Arduinos and four bluetooth modules. I’ve got two HC-05s and two HC-06’s bluetooth modules. I’ve got Four Arduino Unos for the purpose.

Am I making this too complicated or can it be done simpler?

Any help is appreciated and have an amazing day!

Thanks the for help in advance.