GP2D12 - is the cap reversed in these diagrams?

Hi - I am using the Sharp GP2D12 sensor and have been reading that I should add a cap to buffer power fluctuations. Ok - but I am seeing the polarity of the caps reversed in the diagrams I have found.

In both these diagrams the cap is connected + to gnd: <–cap reversed <–cap symbol wrong and sensor pin out wrong

In the 'Making things talk" book, the cap is shown the other way + connected to Vcc.

I am assuming that a polarized cap should always be oriented + > Vcc. Right?? :wink:

Yes, a polarized electrolytic should be connected with the + lead connected to +5 volts.

The text in the second link indicates that the diagram is showing a cap filtering the signal, not the power supply. If the signal is low voltage ac then the polarity wont matter, if it is a digital signal swinging between 0 and 5 volts then the minus side of the cap should eb connected to earth.

thanks for the confirmation!

I realized after I posted and looking at the 2nd diagram again that it was doing signal filtering. The first diagram's reversed cap made me wonder if everything I know is wrong :slight_smile: