GPD2846A TF Card MP3 how to connect buttons

Hello!!I just bought this sd card-mp3 to use with my arduino.I want to connect the buttons so I can play next song,or pause play.And when I see this schematics I wonder.How do I connect the button?One to the first pin and one to the opposite?is there anyone who did it before?Also,is there any way to control it via arduino or Cayenne virtual buttons?(So I won't have to remove SD to pause it etc).
ANY help would be much appreciated.

The drawing looks clear... Two connections to each button...

Otherwise the documentation is rather "thin". A better supplier/manufacturer would give you more complete documentation, and sometimes a schematic, but since that website is in India I assume you are also in India and I don't what options you have there.

It shows two functions for each button so I'd guess it's a quick-push or a longer hold.

Also,is there any way to control it via arduino or Cayenne virtual buttons?

Do you have a multimeter so you can check what happens when you push the switch, and maybe check the connections? One side if the switch is probably grounded with a pull-up resistor on the other side, or it could be +Vcc with a pull-down resistor (or it could be something else).

So, you can probably just write a temporary high or low from the Arduino to simulate a temporary button-push.

(So I won't have to remove SD to pause it etc).

The diagram shows a Play/Pause button.

Ok,after many tries,I ve just managed to connect it.You ve imagined correctly about the long-short push.
I'm in Greece but there are not many options here either..
IT DOESN'T NEED VCC,if you connect it it causes a short circuit.(I'm pointing this out for the next guy who will search about it.)
First button has 3,19V,second 3,20,third 3,21.(not sure if that's important)
So when i press first,3,19 passes by the button.accordingly to the second and third.The thing is that I don't know yet how it reads the value so I would easily replicate this "action" through Cayenne and virtual buttons..
I'm considering what you've proposed.
I could connect a pin and replicate a high-low from the arduino.I'm not sure if the exact voltage plays a role,but I need to try it tomorrow..
If anyone thinks of something else,please,please let me know!!