GPL graphic LCD library (openGLCD)

For those wanting a full featured glcd library, I have created
an open source project: openGLCD
Additional information, including the git repository along with downloads and documentation can be found here: bperrybap / openGLCD / wiki / Home — Bitbucket

note: while it does currently support a few different displays,
the ks0108 is the primary support at this time.

--- bill

Great!! Do you have any video\demo to see it?

Best place to get started to get a a feel for things is the openGLCD wiki.
Read through it and there is a wealth of information.
Then read through the html documentation and you will find full
documenation for the library, including wiring instructions, hardware diagnostics,
how to use fonts & bitmaps, and more.
In the library itself there is an example sketch for nearly every single API function
that documents and demonstrates how to use that API function.

As far as a video demo goes , look on the wiki, in the Feature Overview, under Graphic Features.
There is a link to a video that demonstrates all the graphic API functions.
I don't yet have videos for the text features or other examples.

All the demo videos will be on the YouTube openGLCD video channel
which should show up if you google "openGLCD".

--- bill