GPL Licence / TTS library

Hello! I'm trying to build a text-speech gadget using TTS library. TTS/ at master · jscrane/TTS · GitHub
I want to know about is, Is this under GPL Licence? or Can I use this for a commercial gadget?
Thank you

That repo says the code is a derivative of Webbotlib

The Webbotlib/parent project says it is licensed as GPL 3.0 which means you can use it in a commercial project/product as long as it is an open source project/product.
Which means you cannot use any closed source nor have any patent restrictions.
i.e. you must you provide all the source code for the product (including yours) and offer the product free of any patent licenses.

It is based on this project:
which links to this code:
WebbotLib download |

It is a violation of the GPL license not to include proper GPL notices in derivative works so the author of that TTS lib repository needs to update it to include the proper license files & notices.

The repo shows an update from a couple of weeks ago so the author is still maintaining it.
Please post an issue saying that the TTS repo/project is missing the proper GPL copyright and license notices.

--- bill

Thanks bperrybap! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I'll check it. :smiley:

Are there other ways to create a standalone Arduino based text-to-speech gadget? (without shield) I'm stuck with those Talkie and TTS libraries.