GPRS Connection

Hi to everybody! I have the GSM/GPRS Modem Telit GM862, and i want to send some row data (like a lot of these strings, "3.4,N,15/10/2009 15:45:30") to a server, that will parse them and will feed a database to complete a table! Has anyone some example sketches for using GPRS connection? I supposed to use a "GET" request followed by the parameters that i want to send (the strings above) it right?

Sorry, but i'm new with GPRS connection and sending data! Thanks a lot for any suggestion!

Bye Angelo

That's a library for using GPS on Arduino, it uses NewSoftSerial I believe so you also need to download that from the same website.

But as far as web-logging goes.. haven't experimented much there so you'll have to wait for someone else. :)

Thanks for the advice, but for the GPS i'm ok ;) ...i'm informing about GPRS connection and sending data!

Thanks a lot!