GPRS Module for Arduino

Hi all!

I've been looking for a GPRS Module for Arduino. My experiences in this field have been with industrial GPRS Modems, so the hardware is just a black box and a set of parameters.

At this moment, I must get the black box contents. I've found several choices:

  • CINTERION M55i (this one is really cheap)
  • TELIT GM862 and its relatives
  • some chinese modems in Sparkfun

Particularly I'd like the CINTERION. Its dealer told me that this life-time will be long and meets all the technical requirements. :sunglasses:

At this moment, the Arduino (and the GPRS Module) must perform the next actions:

  1. Connect to Mobile APN and get a public IP;
  2. The Arduino must be able to report its IP to a remote host through an UDP socket. This is be repeated periodically.
  3. The remote host will extract data from the Arduino. Here Arduino will answer to TCP server queries.

I don't know if someone has done something like this... ::slight_smile: It's something huge and maybe it's possible with an Atmega128 or its big brother, the Atmega2561. :o

What do you thing about this? :-?



I'm also looking for GPRS Modules, like those from Libelium, but with the CINTERION MC55i. Where could I find them?

Anyone experienced with GPRS and micros?
I'm particularly interested in connections through internet. It's cheaper.