GPRS Shield v3 SeeedStudio + Arduino UNO


I have been reading several posts under this forum, but I can't do what I want. I did also some googling, and it has been quite hard to find a solution.

I am new to Arduino and I have been learning the Arduino basics from Jeremy Blum's book.

Scope: I would like to conceive a prototype to measure temperature at a certain spot in the mountains. There is no Wi-Fi connection but I can use GPRS to upload the sensor value (desired frequency = 1 reading per 2 hours).

Hardware: Arduino UNO; GPRS Shield V3.0 from SeeedStudio

Solution implemented at the moment: Despite aiming to use Arduino UNO, indoors I have been using Arduino YUN, since I am uploading the sensor data through wifi. The data is being collected at a ThingSpeak channel. I did this first in order to obtain proper readings and sensor calibration, as well as to guarantee that I can upload the data at ThingSpeak. This is working really well.

Problem: As I moved on to Arduino UNO and the GPRS Shield, I am having several problems to upload the data. I never used GPRS. With the GPRS functionality I just want to send the data to ThingSpeak.

Can you people provide me some source code for the GPRS part and ThingSpeak Part? Does anyone has experience with this kind of approach?

Also, examples that you may know are welcome. Please notice that using the GPRS Shield V3.0 from SeeedStudio is different from using the GSM Arduino Shield.


Did you found any example?