GPRS shield

hello guys so i'm buying a GPRS shield and i want to know if it will work with any sim card

Good question. How can anyone answer it though?

Which GPRS shield???

thank you for your reply
i'm buying the SIM900 shield

i'm buying the SIM900 shield

First, probably should ask the person selling it to you. They are taking your money, not us.

Second, what is "the SIM900" shield? I doubt there is only one.

i'm buying this

One thing for sure is that most cellphone companies have stopped selling sim's that are less the 3g.
I tried a t-mobile sim in a SIM900 shield I got at radio shack for $24 a year back and it can't send text.
It did show that it was on t-mobile but I couldn't call or text with it.

what about other cellphone companies cause i live in Tunisia and i don't know if it will work

If there still using 2g and down you maybe be in luck you need to ask them if they work in a unlocked phone.
Quad-band GSM/GPRS I read that even a lot of places are forcing people to switch to newer hardware.
These are slower and was used in lot's of stuff to send calls to tell if a alarm has gone off.
Or your not using your Cpack stuff like that.
These work GSM SIM Card from Ting & Adafruit - Data/Voice/Text : ID 2505 : $9.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

I would call someone like this one Tunisia SIM Card - International cell phone rates Tunisia

thank you for your reply
so you're saying it will only work with 2g or lower sim card

2 g is as fast as it can go so if your carrier only has 3 g and up it's no good.

ok i see thank you for your help