Sir, i am using sim 900 gsm modem of cipsa tec for making low cost iot monitoring system using arduino uno. but i am stuck with gprs connection.whether a gprs shield library and code works for sim 900 modem.what are the additional things to be done to make gprs modem to work like gprs shield?.please help me to solve this.

This might not help you, but at least this is something that worked for me.

I am using Adafruit FONA SIM800 (cost about 40 EURO) which works great with Adafruits lib:

Here's another link that might be helpful: Interfacing SIM900A GSM Modem with Arduino | Random Codes - Elementz Tech Blog

Thank your sir for your rply
sir do you know how to connect arduino using gsm to think speak or any such type of iot clouds

I actually only tested it on Arduino (connecting, SMS, phone etc) then I actually used it with an Raspberry PI for the actual solution. In the RPI solution I am using python called from PHP (web GUI) to make calls, send SMS and listen for DTMF codes. If you want I can send you the python code I am using to initiate the modem (but it as only sending AT-commands).

I haven't tried the things you are describing.

You could take a look at this thread and maybe find something you need:

:cry: Thank you sir

thank you for helping me i got the answer :slight_smile: .only rx, tx and gnd pins are used for both