GPS and Bluetooth

Hello, I am working on a gps logging project. i have an adafruit ultimate gps v3 and an hc06 bluetooth module that i want to use with an uno. i have used the hc06 in other projects and i never needed to assign rx tx pins, but for the gps logger i have software serial assigned to the gps as 8, 7 and i put the bluetooth in 0, 1. i can connect to the hc06 but i am not getting any data despite is serial printing at 9600 baud . So my question is... can i connect both of them to an uno and get it to serial print to bluetooth and log data? if so how would i go about doing that? add another software serial? any help is very much appreciated :) i am using the sheild_sdlog sketch from the adafruit gps library.

P.S. my goal is to output the data to google earth realtime via bluetooth and also log it.

The reason why you never needed to assign rx tx pin is that you have been using the proper hardware serial with pins 0,1.

If the programme states that the serial output is via software serial, the pins for that should be declared and you use them. If it doesn't, hardware serial is being used and you already know you are OK with that. I understand running software serial on pins 0,1 is a fatal mistake.

It would seem that your problems are with the GPS.

i understand that. can i add software serial for the bluetooth, if so how?

I understand you simply nominate the name of the channel and the pin numbers

SoftwareSerial channeName(10, 11); // RX, TX

and then use that name.
There is an article in the reference that seems to explain it all.