GPS compare with lookup SD card

Hello, all

I have a question about a csv file with more than 3 million GPS locations and Cities.
Example: City, Latitude, Longitude
aixas, 42.4833333, 1.4666667

This will I use as a lookup, when my GPS has the coordinates latitude and longitude ready.
And that it will gif me the location (City) where I am.
Is this possible to make?


Yes. It will be a little slow because you have to read such a huge file on SD. You have to allow for a radial distance because you won't always be standing on the front porch of city hall.

You can do some research about the way the csv-file is organised. Eventually You reorganize it in order to make the search find the target faster.

Good point. Look up "binary search" and the seek() function.

Or use hashing.

Oke thanks for the info.

I think I will start with my project.
The thing is I will make a travel clock that sync the time and date via a GPS and also give my where I am.
that looks my nice.

An interesting project for every traveller. Remeber that research, strategy planning is number one. Don’t start by coding.