Gps data parsing using xbee series 3

I am currently working on a project to have gps data wirelessly sent from one xbee to another and then to an arduino. For space reasons I can't include an arduino on the receiver side which means that the only thing that could parse the data at that point is the xbee. I bought the series 3 that comes with micropython capabilities and previously I learned how to parse gps data from an arduino. I wanted to know if there is some way to send commands to my receiver (ultimate adafruit gps receiver) because I need faster NMEA sentence output. The actual setup is working and will send data from the receiver through the xbee to my xbee/arduino but now i'm stuck trying to figure out how to parse that data. I tried loading micropython libraries for gps parsing but i've had no luck and there isn't much documentation online about xbee series 3 in general. So, is there some way to update the gps receiver commands from the xbee? Can I parse that gps data before it gets to the arduino (Right now its sending 4 sentences instead of 2)?

Can the Xbee series 3 run as an Arduino ?

A lot of the Ublox GPS borads have an EEPROM on them, you can configure the GPS for which sentences to send and the update rate with the Ucenter utility and then save the configuration in the EEPROM. When the GPS powers up it uses the configuration in EEPROM.