GPS data

Hello all, so I’ve started lockdown project 39584234 and this time it is GPS. Please be kind as I have never used a GPS module with Arduino until this morning.

I have a ublox neo 6m 0-001 with power, Gnd, TX & RX connected as per the instructions to a Nano.

When I load the generic sketch to dump the available data to the serial monitor it works a charm, GPS fix is very accurate.

Problem comes when I try to parse the information with the TinyGPS library example and it just draws a blank, as have I. The GPS unit clearly works but I’m obviously missing something (probably obvious).

Any pointers or ideas would be greatly received. Photos attached showing the outputs from the two sketches.


Try the example from the much more upto date TinyGSPplus.

TinyGPS is quite old, may not support $GN output from the GPS.

You did notice that TinyGPS was last updated 7 years ago ..............................................

Thanks that seems to have done the trick.