GPS Datasheet Screw Dimensions

Hello all,

I've been struggling to make sense of the data sheet for my GPS LS20031 with regards to the screw dimensions.

Heres a section of the datasheet i've cropped:

The highlighted section shows "r1 x4" - I assume the x4 means there are 4 screw mounting points (which there are) but the r1 has me confused. This isn't a measurement i've seen before for screw sizes. I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but here in UK we have standard screw sizes of M2 - M8 etc.

I've got some M3 screws which are 3mm that are slightly too big which leads me to think that the mounts are 2mm but I can't seem to find any 2mm screws anywhere locally. Perhaps i'm looking for the wrong thing or perhaps i'm not looking hard enough.

Can anyone suggest what size screws will be needed? The datasheet information makes no sense to me at all :/

Thanks for reading!

Search r1 in your spec sheet. There should be a place that says the r1=... Maybe they make different models where the R1 is different so they list r1 values for different models together.

It's unlikely to be in inches since everything looks like in mm. Maybe it's 2.5mm screw. You know they're not very common. If you need m2 or m2.5 screws, here is a place to buy online. I wish they had more length options.


Thanks for your response.

The full datasheet is here: although I can’t see any mention of r1 anywhere other than in the diagram.

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to buy some 2mm and 2.5mm screws and give them a try. I was just curious if anyone else had solved this problem already as a thorough googling hasn’t brought anything up. Thanks for the link, i’ll see if I can find any M2 and M2.5 screws on eBay from a seller i’ve been using for my quad parts.

Thanks again for your time.

If indeed R1 means R=1mm just like phi1 means diameter is 1, then these are very tiny holes, maybe use m1.5 screws. Not very common screws but again who needs to mount a GPS sensor on a daily basis?