GPS for Arduino

What is the best GPS to interface with the Arduino?

Is the GPS Bee by SeeedStudio any good?

Here is the link for it: Seeed Studio Bazaar, The IoT Hardware enabler.

I really need to know if this one is good and if anyone else has ever used it and their experience and problems with it. If there are any better alternatives, please mention them.

All help will be much appreciated!


Where are you located? That will help us with recommendations.

I am located in Austin, Texas.

"Best" and "better" are irrelevant without knowing what your application is.

Take a look at GPS here

What kind of GPS did you have in mind? For example, an inexpensive Garmin Nuvi model that you could use standalone from the arduino? Has a PC interface, hard to tell if they continuously put out NMEA data.
Or something more like this

Hook up an antenna & power & it starts putting out NMEA data.

I'm using an EM 406A GPS module I bought from Sparkfun. It has 20 channels and locks on to satellite signals while it's in my apartment. My cheap TomTom can't. The Seeedstudio one seems to claim 32 (or 50) channels and such. Maybe I shouldn't be comparing channels but I don't know better.

Here is what I bought:

They also sell a GPS shield for you to mount the module on. But I've got my own shield for that.

Here is a recent post I wrote:

The module is fairly small and nicely fits under a 16X2 character LCD.