GPS - google maps - navigation - robot


I want to navigate a robot (using GPS module and google maps) from one place to another. If I have the coordinates of start point and then give the coordinates of the end point ,how can the robot automatically navigate from start to end point? How can the robot know the route from start to end point? What tools should i use? Do you have any ideas or specific links to help me? I have searched a loooot ,but I didn't find any algorithms to do it?

I need your help, please... Thanks!!!

I don’t think you will get an Arduino based controller to do all you want.
Try the Raspberry Pi forum, as it may have the computing power to do the job.

Tom… :slight_smile:

Yes ,I want to do it with raspberry pi ,but I asked here for more info (if you had) never mind. Thanks...

Well providing some details, that you presumably know, would help you to get proper answers.

You mention ‘robot’ but dont describer where it is navigating and from where to where, if its underground for instance be aware that the GPS wont work so navigating will be a challenge.

If you thing that an Arduino UNO (I assume you are using one of these, but you did not say) will be able to perform the same job as a Satnav in a car, then your going to be dissapointed.

A Rasberry Pi however, might, but you will need to ask in the appropriate Pi forum.

To navigate a robot from one GPS location to another on an open surface free of obstacles is pretty simple, and avoiding the occasional obstacle doesn't add much to the problem.

All you need is an electronic compass and a GPS module. The smallest Arduino can handle that task, as shown in the very short video below.

What would Google Maps do for you?