GPS guidance with arduino


Je suis entrain de préparer un projet, mais je voudrais savoir comment puis-je guider un robot à une adresse GPS.

MERCI d'avance.


I am preparing a project, but I would like to know how can I guide a robot to a GPS address.

Thank you in advance.

What is a GPS address?

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I want to say gps coordinates.

Do they have to written in blue?

All the GPS libraries I’ve used (admittedly not that many) had a method that would return a bearing between (typically) the current location, and a given destination

No,but i ascked how can i go to a gps coordinates with a robot.
Thank You.

Calculate the bearing from the current location to the desired location, and have the robot drive in the bearing direction, while avoiding obstacles.

Ok but how cani program that ?


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how cani program that ?

If you don't already know C/C++, start by studying on-line C/C++ tutorials, and the simple examples that come with Arduino.

Ok thnx