GPS Guided Rover

Hello viewers. I need some help creating a gps guided rover using the SparkFun Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout - HMC5883L, the GPS Receiver - EM-506 (48 Channel), and the L298N H-Bridge Motor Shield. Also, please don't recommend in chat, I couldn't understand it well.

-Thank you Amriechert

The person who posted the guide on the letsmakerobots site obviously put a lot of time and energy into it and it seems rather clear to me.

Do you expect users on this forum, almost all of whom don't have the same equipment, will be interested and have the time to explain things in more detail, more simply and more clearly than that?

I'll bet that time invested in studying the letsmakerobots post would be more worthwhile.

I doubt if you'll get any better info than that LMR doc, so I agree you should invest the effort in working through it until it's clear. Ask for help on any specifics that may not be clear. It does say it's not written for beginners; but then, a GPS guided robot is not a beginner's project anyway.

One piece of advice fwiw: ditch the L298 in favour of something more modern that doesn't eat half your volts and need a heat sink the size of a house. Have a look here at Pololu where there will probably be something that meets your volt and amp requirements.

The problem is that I have a harder time following the code because they are using a compass module that's not even produced anymore!

The compass module simply gives you a direction of travel. It doesn't matter which one you use.

If that deviates from the programmed direction of travel, use a PID loop to make a correction.