GPS GY-NEO6MV2 not working

Hello. I recently got a GPS GY-NEO6MV2 module but the Arduino does not receive any data.



Arduino IDE monitor Serie:


Thank you!

You need to set the Serial Monitor baud rate to the same value you use in Serial.begin. It looks like it should be 115200, not 9600. There’s a pull-down menu in the lower right corner of the Serial Monitor window.

The GPS is 9600. They can be different baud rates.

You might be interested in NeoGPS. It’s smaller, faster, more reliable and more accurate than all other libraries. It’s available from the Arduino IDE Library Manager, under the menu Sketch → Include Library → Manage Libraries.

Even if you don’t try it, there are lots of tips on the Installation page about choosing a serial port and conencting the device. There are other suggestions on the Troubleshooting page.

BTW, SoftwareSerial is the worst choice for connecting the GPS device.

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Thank you!