GPS has fix but is just spitting out ???????? in monitor

Adafruit Ultimate GPS logger shield on top of Arduino UNO

I am following the steps on the adafruit website

I tried with both the leo_echo and echo sketch. I am not using a leo but it doesn't say anything about using leo vs uno in this part. The direct connect worked as it was supposed to. now Im onto the serial and parsing. My GPS has a fix without any wires plugged in. Now there are a couple different places on the shield labeled RX and TX. Where am I supposed to have the wires go. Ive tried everywhere I could think of in combination with the 4 rx and tx places i found with the 7,8 pins but I still just get question marks shooting out nonstop in serial monitor. Any suggestions?

The echo example will not work unchanged because it uses the wrong pins for your shield (the library works with other GPS hardware from Adrafruit too). The leo_echo example should work given the serial interface switch on the shield is in the "SoftwareSerial" position.

I guess from your description that you simply didn't choose the correct baud rate in your serial monitor. The sketch needs 115200 on the PC side. Check that and post again if you still have problems. In this case post a picture of your shield on the UNO.

Thanks! So you're correct I had the 9600 baud rate on my monitor however upon changing it and trying again with using all 4 different wire configurations that seem sensible for the rx and tx using 2 wires I am still getting ??????????.

Actually I just tried all that baud options and 57,600 does work and none of the others work. Thank you for bringing that upon ultimately leading me to solution!

Although for the parsing one 115,200 baud is the one that works so you were right. I guess it depends on the sketch Im not too sure but either way if the problem ever arises Ill know how to solve it. Thanks again