gps interface

I just found this GPS(SSF1919P-D) and the price is perfect , I just want to know if I can use it with the arduino , and If any one know how I will be very thankful ::slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry I am a bit deaf, can you speak up please.

Found this PDF with info you need. states on page 4 a serial interface so it should be able to talk Arduino.. It also names the strings to expect - Protocol NMEA0183 v3.0

[b]NMEA           Sentence Description[/b]
GGA (default)  Global Positioning System Fixed Data
GLL            Geographic Position - Latitude/Longitude
GSA (default)  GNSS DOP and Active Satellites
GSV (default)  GNSS Satellites in View
RMC (default)  Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS data
VTG            Course Over Ground and Ground Speed
ZDA            Time and Date