GPS logging on Google Earth

I need to code a program on Arduino with a GPS module with several different button inputs of different colors. As you walk around an area each time you push one of the different buttons, it will store that color to the GPS coordinates. At a later time, I need to be able to upload these points as different colors on a map overlay like Google Earth etc. Can someone of expertise please guide me on how to get started?

Getting Started:

  1. Learn how to read a button push and do something.
  2. Learn how to read a current GPS location from a GPS module.
  3. Learn how to write data to a memory card.
  4. Google and learn what Keyhole Markup Language looks like. KML Tutorial
  5. Write code to see the button pushed, read the current GPS, write the location and color data in KML format to the data card.
  6. Upload the KML data on the card to Google Earth. Importing Data to Google Earth

KML will enable me to make both red and green points in Google Earth depending on which button is pushed correct?


Read #4 again. Google and Learn KML.

Try this one for example.!topic/kml-support-getting-started/j6CHf7UmXQY

Thank you!